The Light Within 

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                            ~ Reiki ~                                


              MikaoUsui'sReiki Principles                      

                   Just for today,
I will live the attitude of gratitude.  

                               Just for today, I will not worry. 

                                       Just for today, I will not anger.  

                           Just for today, I will do my work honestly. 

           Just for today, I will show love and respect for every living thing. 

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                Reiki (pronounced ray-key) is a Japanese form of energy healing commonly called the "Universal Life Force." Reiki is believed to have begun in Tibet several thousand years ago and has since merged into various healing systems, which have crossed many different cultures. Universal Life Energy involves the transfer of energy through the practitioner to patient to enhance the body's natural ability to heal itself through the balancing of energy. It is a holistic, natural energy healing system that touches on all levels: physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.    Dr. Mikao Usui was a Christian school teacher and in his research for his teachings, he wanted to learn more of the healing methods that Jesus used. In search of this information he traveled throughout Asia and even into America, but failed to find what he was looking for. He returned to Japan disillusioned. He secluded himself on Mt. Kurama for twenty-one days where he fasted and meditated. On the twenty-first day, being near death, Dr. Usui was struck by a great force of energy that knocked him unconscious. While he was unconscious, he was taught the foundations of Reiki and all of the sacred Reiki symbols.    Reiki can reform your entire attitude. It can open you up to new possibilities, new hope and faith. It heals the body, the mind, and the spirit all at once. Reiki energy has many different types of effects of healing: it brings about deep relaxation, destroys energy blockages, detoxifies the system, speeds up the healing process, rebuilds the immune system and reduces chronic pain. Along with illnesses such as internal diseases, emotional disorders, depression, and stress-related illnesses. Also reduces the negative effects of chemotherapy and medications. Reiki can also be used to treat animals, plants, and anything else that has a energy. This is all done by increasing the vibration frequency of the body when Reiki flows through from the practitioner to the patient.      There are many different types of spiritual healing. In some forms of healing, the healers place their hands on a particular part of the patient's body in order to release energy into it. So, there the healer is the one who is sending out the energy. In Reiki, we cup our hands together and with our palms facing downward, holding them a few inches away from the patient's chakras points, we let Reiki flow through us to the patient. The Reiki energy changes the frequency in the body's energy (and it is a scientifically proven fact that the body has an energy field called the Aura), healing the body first, moving to the mental and the emotional levels, and then to the spirit. During a treatment, our patients can usually feel many different sensations: possibly a warm, tingling feeling or cold, electrical feeling throughout their bodies.    Chakras point locations are gateways or pathways in which energy flows through into our bodies. This gives every cell, all the way down to the DNA, the proper energy and balance it needs to heal, harmonize and balance. As Edgar Cayce, a psychic and healer, stated in a reading, “... what one thinks continually, they become; what one cherishes in their heart and mind they make a part of the pulsation of their heart, through their own blood cells, and build in their body, that which its spirit and soul needs.    Reiki is practiced by people of all spiritual backgrounds and beliefs and it’s not limited to any particular religion or philosophy. Everyone can learn Reiki and help heal others. All you have to do is undergo attunements into Reiki energy. Through a series of attunements, part of the initiation process for new Reiki practitioners, a Reiki master employs the ancient sounds and symbols that attune an individual's nervous system to a higher level of energy. A level is reached in which the students, neither highly trained nor especially gifted, can experience more energy flowing through their hands, giving them the power to heal themselves and others. An initiation is not absolutely essential but it allows you to have an easier access to the universal life energy, which is used rather than your own life energy.    Reiki is a powerful form of healing. It’s effective, convenient and fulfilling. Not only does Reiki heal the body, but it calms the mind and nurtures the spirit. I believe when you experience Reiki, you are experiencing the touch of unconditional love & its life force, simply everything that the universal healing and energy are made up of, and the experience is rich and everlasting.


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