The Light Within 

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                                                        ~ Spiritual Counseling &  Guidance ~ 


Spiritual counselors are just ordinary people, and who like everyone else, have the ability to use all 6 senses instead of the 5 known senses. We can raise our own vibrations and open ourselves up to the fourth plane which is also known as ‘the other side.” On the third plane, which is the world that we physically know, we can communicate with families, loved ones, and friends, who have crossed over. We cannot choose, who we want to communicate with because this is the choice of those in the spirit world. 

Just as all people use a combination of their physical senses in the material world (touch, hearing, sight, etc.) to communicate, we use a combination of "extra sensory perceptions" of clairvoyance, clairaudience, and clairsentience to communicate with the others who are on the fourth plane. Each Spiritual counselor in general has different levels of vibrations which allow that spiritual counselor to work in his or her own unique way. As a result Spiritual counselors have stronger areas where their senses can be sharper. 

Clair-voyance means clear-seeing. This may be experienced both subjectively which is proceeding from or taking place in a person's spiritual mind and thoughts and objectively means having actual existence, form or reality. The easiest way to explain the way we experience clairvoyance subjectively is for you to try this

Think back to a favorite holiday that you have experienced. Travel back, "relive" the moments in your mind or picture one of your favorite photographs in your mind. Can you see one of them? This is the same way those on the other side shows us their "images" whether it's a photograph or like a movie-clip; to help convey information they wish to share. When we experience clairvoyance objectively, we can physically see those who have crossed over in the same way that we would physically see you as if you were standing right next to us. 

Clair-audience is clear-hearing. We all "talk" to ourselves here and there.   Thoughts of "Where did I put my car keys?" or "I'm going to be late, I better leave now." is clair-audience on subjective level. The experience is similar, except that the "thoughts" that come into our minds are from those on other side. Now on the objective level, clairaudience is where those who have crossed can be heard talking aloud as if they were standing next to us. 

Clair-sentience is clearing-sensing. To try and understand the way "sensing" works on a subjective level, think about this following example. Have you ever entered into a room where an argument had just taken place and "felt" the atmosphere so thick that you could cut it with a knife? This is a good example, which everyone has experienced by using their "senses" without knowing it, to sense energy subjectively. When we "sense" the energy those who have crossed over on a subjective level, we "feel" their emotions, as we communicate with them and also those emotions and experiences that have taken place in the past or are yet to come. Objectively, we sense those who are on the other side, as a tingling feeling, almost like we have shivers but physically we are not actually cold. 

Those who have crossed over are not scary and they sure are nothing like you may see in movies or on TV. All the fake 1-800 #'s, fake mediums and psychics, along with the movies and TV shows, just add to the Spiritual Counselors negative public image. If you ever meet with a Spiritual counselor, including us, our number advice, we can give you, is NEVER give out personal information before the session and even then, be careful what you reveal during the session too. When fakes guess answers there are often in board forms, which most of the time, could apply to anyone. Sadly, some people who may have come for a reading have no idea that the fake have used that information because they are so caught up in and how strong. Let us tell you who comes through and what information we receive. If you have special question(s), those on the other side are aware of them and will tell us, your answers, if it's meant for you to know at that time. Again we don't have control on who comes through and how strong. Sometimes, they will come in very faint and others quite clear and strong. 

Last we would like to let you know, they are around, supporting and loving you still. It's always painful to accept the fact that a loved one has crossed over. Don't be afraid to talk to them even if you have a hard time figuring out if they are there or not because you don't feel, hear or sense them. Just call their name and talk to them about whatever is on your mind and in your heart, they are there with you. As the Spiritual counselor Rosemary Altea explains, "Yet our loved ones do not want us to suffer as they watch over us in our daily struggles... And even as they live and continue their lives, our loved ones who have left us still share their lives with us. They visit, they watch, they care, and they walk by our side. They send their love, strength and protection, even as our angels give us protection."         




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